I have been a designer for over twenty years now, for a wide range of clients and projects, big and small. With a keen eye for the particular needs of every client, my conceptual and visual approach is basically always: make it loud and clear. Which doesn't always mean 'big and blunt'... Have a look and see what I mean.


What's Happening Online? 2020 | Ruigrok NetPanel
design, infographics, illustration

For Amsterdam-based market research agency Ruigrok NetPanel I have been designing and illustrating their annual report of online behaviour and trends in The Netherlands for some years now. A clean design with comprehensive infographics is needed for this kind of information. But we (as in: the client and I) are making sure it's also fun to look at, at least partly contributing to interested parties' yearly increasing anticipation and free publicity. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 10.09.19
Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 10.08.22
MBM1807_1 cover-hires

(Cover) illustrations | Managementboek

For The Netherlands' largest online reseller of management books, Managementboek.nl, I made cover and editorial illustrations for their selftitled magazine. 

MBM1812_1 Cover_MarcFabels_RGB

Various whitepapers | Ruigrok NetPanel
design, infographics, illustration

Also for market research agency Ruigrok NetPanel I have been designing and illustrating their whitepapers to stand out from the crowd. For these papers, instead of stock photography, I needed a cover concept that combined 'real' people and the flexibility to express the rather specific subjects in a natural way. 

05 RNP Innoveren Retail
02 RNP Customer Journeys 1
04 RNP Agile
03 RNP Customer Journeys 2.png
06 RNP Customer Journeys 3
01 RNP Research Comm
Foto door Nelleke van der Burg

New Year's Gift Box | self-assigned
concept, design, copywriting

This New Year's Gift Box is something else. Containing a bottle of vodka, matches, dark chocolate, a bag of walnuts, a notebook and Prozaïek 02, a collection of my short prose in a sandpaper cover - all with appropriate texts to help you decide which road to take in the new year. 

This was one-off, but I will happily mass-produce. Call or mail me for inquiries. 

New Year's Greeting Cards | self-promotional
concept, design, type design, imagemaking, copywriting

To stay on the theme: For several years, I sent out New Year's greeting cards at the start of the Chinese new year, mostly around the end of January/start of February. I had several reasons for it: it gave me the opportunity to work on imagery of animals instead of wintry clichés, I dodged having to do it in the busiest time of the year, ánd I thought it would be nice to not wind up unnoticed in the bulk of December wishes. 

YearOfTheHorse2014 copy

The Year of the Wood Horse (2014): actual logs piled by hand to form a horse. Up and down the ladder to see what I was doing.


12" album cover | Blowpipe
design, imagemaking, typography

Smalts is a band/art music project hailing from Haarlem, The Netherlands. For their 12" album Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme there was no briefing. But who needs a briefing when there's the music, the title, and the client's trust in your abilities. So I went with my intuition and my extensive archive of 'photos-that-might-some-day-be-of-use', resulting in this digital collage. Complemented with outspoken-yet-classic typography, because, you know: the band, the music. 

Eisenstein box packshot

Eisenstein Collection 7 DVD Box | Moskwood Media
design, typography

Moskwood Media is a publisher and reseller of a mainly – but far from exclusively – Eastern European and Russian film catalogue. The Eisenstein Collection 7 DVD Box is just one of dozens of titles, boxes and series I designed a Moskwood (read: Marc Fabels) version cover for. Film being a visual art and the power of the black and white film stills dictate that they take center stage in the design. The silver and black emphasise 'classic film', while the colors intuitively fit the different film stills.